Friday, August 24, 2012

The Oneness of Vulnerability the universe is sending me screaming messages that it is time for me to start writing. I want to write and share our story..obviously... but what stops me is the deep vulnerability that is attached to it. Putting all ego aside..the time is now..

The words that one of my friend/client/contributor's wrote made an impression on me.."because Zane is every child and you are every mother.." I have let those words permeate into me since they were written. I feel blessed to create a foundation with these....

We begin with the oneness of vulnerability. I believe that most of us are willing, on some level, to let go of ego for the sake of our children. That if we could take some action that will allow more freedom for our children to be more of who there are meant to be in this world than we would do it. Parenting is one of the hardest jobs there is out there. Our children reflect back to us the world we show them. They speak to us in the language that we speak to them. yet when we look past the first layer of what they offer us, can we see them? Can we see the patterns of who they really are..what struggles and gifts they have to offer. The Adventures of Enaz is about seeing a boy beyond the outward challenges..and seeing the gifts he has to bring the world at this time.

Through out these blogs I will allow and invite you to know Zane and what he offers the world. I feel that his story is no different... it is simply his story. What is different is that as Zane's mama I am willing to offer our story as a template or lens to see the situation in a new light. To understand Zane is to understand that there are many days that are difficult. His sensory challenges can offer a day of explosive behavior that is unpredictable and painful for those around us. His physical challenges are sobering and humbling. I will speak more to these through out the adventure..

My intention of sharing part of our life with you all is to build a web of community to support our children and ourselves to show up. To look at our own reflection and decipher what stuff is ours and what stuff is truly our kids. For me, continuing to unravel this, has been the foundation of sanity. Not blaming myself or Zane for his challenges has been one huge step in this adventure.

I feel so honored that this project has unfolded with grace and ease. If this flow was not moving, then I trust there is a different avenue that I can be of service in. Yet, there is movement and so I trust and surrender. I continue to open my heart and allow...

In service and deep gratitude, Heather and Zane