Thursday, November 29, 2012

WOW!! We are in India!!

India to Zane

Hello from India everyone!!! We are so incredibly grateful that we have landed safely and that mama (me) is finally figuring out the technical side of things. Thank you for patience..which seems to be a theme for me these days.

So to catch you up to where Zane and I are at in our adventure..

eating dinner in Hong Kong..luckily we eat dinners
like this at Zane was game
We listened to this kids station on the fun!
We traveled to Hong Kong..then landed in Chennai....entree for us into India..With a few more hours of layover we boarded a smaller plane to the state of Kerala..this is where we were met by some one from the Ashram. They took us the 3 1/2 hours to Ampritapuri..the whole journey took us 40 hours..and Zane didn't complain at all..I am serious..he loved it! It was only at the very end when he got hungry in the ride to the ashram that he showed any upset..I was amazed.
Waiting in Chennai, first experience in can see
he is playing with a twirly stick..about 3am..

The plane was on the was 5am in India..we had been up for
30 some odd said!

As I write this, he is drawing a picture of what India is like to him..I hope you all will enjoy it. We have been drawing a lot since being here to strengthen his hands ands to also really get a sense of where he is at emotionally....he has started to draw very large roots systems..I am trusting this means he is feeling grounded and safe!!

I will do my best to post things at least once a week..we miss you all and send so much love to each of you for believing in our journey..with love and gratitude..Zane and Heather


  1. So glad you made is safely to your center. Thinking of you both a great deal :)

  2. Thank you Lisa!! I trust your sweet ones growing inside and out are fabulous!! Blessings to you all!!

  3. Hi Heather! Glad to see you made it . . . that makes me so happy :)