Monday, February 11, 2013

Amritapuri..up close and personal

Zane facing the Arabian Sea. This photo was taken on one of the apartment high rises. Amazing view!

This is the right of the stage where AMMA comes and goes for Darshan and Bajans. We are waiting for her to come down from the stage this night in particular after Bajans..Notice all waiting for her and the light coming from the is not that bright in person..not even close....hmmm..curious how the camera caught this. after being in the ashram for a bit I have come to understand the politics. Enough anyway where I feel like I am not going to be struck down if I take a few photos to share with the folks at home :)....I hope you enjoy. I am not able to get any closer to the temple..but I think you get some what of an idea. It was the first large building established..the whole Ashram helped build it. It fact one of the things I appreciate about being here is the sense of community involvement. You will see form the video how large the whole ashram is..quite amazing really.

The daily rhythm of the Ashram for the devotees who live here is as follows..
5-6:30am Archina (chanting of the 1000 names)
one can also go to a puja at the Kaliri ( a puja is a ceremony honoring a specific diety)
6:30-7:30  Beach mediation and Satsang
7:30-9 Personal spiritual practice or Seva
9-10 ----breakfast
10-11 Archina again if you missed in the morning
10-1 Seva
1-2 lunch
2-5 Seva
5:30-6:30 Mediation and Santsang
6:30-8 Bajans (devotional songs)
8-9 Dinner

Zane and I usually did only about 2-3 hours of the afternoon (usually), we did yoga..or we did some school work. I ended up buying a little gas stove to cook for Zane. We took our dinner sometimes during the beach mediation or during Bajans. It was rare we made it to the 8pm..we were in bed by then. However when AMMA was in the Ashram we did spend many late nights with her on stage and simply watching her hug..It was such a special time for us.

Some of you may know this..but for most of Zane's life he has not allowed me to hold him. And to ask him to look into my eyes was what I would describe as painful for him.That level of connection was hard for him and he would either move away or simple refuse from the beginning. Yet when we would sit in front of AMMA..he would let me hold him and almost rock him like a new born baby. He would allow me to nourish him, to allow my love to pour into like I always dreamed. We would look into each others eyes and I would kiss him and rock him for hours. Sometimes both of us crying..for no particular reason. It was magical..I truly believe this is where the healing started on our was like we found each other we lost each other I dont know..but the deep connection we have built during this adventure is what I believe will be the healing force to support Zane for what ever is to come.

I hope you enjoy this glimpse of what our life has looked like at the Ashram..We will be making our way back home in a few weeks..hard to believe we have been traveling for almost 4!! From our heart to yours..Nameste

Kali Temple with candles honoring Amma's birth star

Named Mediation Beach..where we sit for morning and sunset Santang and mediation with AMMA..facing Arabian Sea

Amritapuri..Kali temple in front..buildings around are flats for right of the temple is the Kaliri..a small shed where AMMA's family barn was oringinally.

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