Monday, February 4, 2013

Daily rhythm around the Ashram

Zane(aka Kali) and I traveling in a rickshaw.  He loves to go every morning to put the chandan on his 3rd eye.  

Zane getting a hair cut..his suggestion
to signify his turning 7.
 Hello hello hello dear friends, on the road is so full yet so simple. I am reminded daily about how truly blessed we are to live in the Western World. Washing our own cloths in the sink, preparing meals on a simple gas stove and walking where we need to go is just the simple chores we do along with our spiritual practice and seva (volunteering our time to support the whole). This slower pace has been AMAZING for both of us. Not having a cell phone to attend to or an internet that always works has been a blessing too. The focus has truly been on Zane and how he and I relate to each other. The down side of all this has been the resistance in us both to really settle into this simplicity. The shiny distractions in the Western world certainly pulls us away from when an opportunity to grow is in front of us.

The last month has been a deep reflection on our life. He and I both have transformed from our full time experience with AMMA, being with each other and having time to simply feel our feet on sweet Mother Earth. There is no question in both of our minds that this journey was absolutely necessary and has brought rewards beyond our full digestion.

We were inspired to go to an Ayuvedic practitioner to see how he might see Zane and offer support. Dr. Nibodhi was suggested to us and we are grateful as he travels to the Sacramento region when he travels with AMMA on the American tour. So we get to have a follow up with him..Yea!! His approach to Zane was right on and I felt a strong connection to what he offered. We have been on the regime now for a month and he has lost his front tooth and for those of you who follow the Steiner ways..his toes have changed..he is more in his body more than ever. He is taking an herbal formula made by Swami's who chant sacred verse from the Vedic text..made some where closer to the pristine!!! We are also massing him daily with Brahmi and Tulsi oil..blessed by AMMA.

Zane now with out his sweet front tooth.
Tooth fairy came and brought him a beautiful
blood stone.

Post hair cut being silly. Which he LOVES
due to it spiking like older boys!

Zane and his buddy helping
With this new strength that is coming into him, he is more willing to participate with strenuous tasks. We like to work on a farm helping in any way we can.
 There are also many many families here. This has been amazing because this was one of the concerns about coming to an Ashram...well families from all over the world are coming to expose their children to this type of lifestyle. We are so taken care of!
Planting pineapples in front of the flats where the families stay.
Compost Seva
WE miss you all and send our love and gratitude for this opportunity. Next post some videos of the ashram..finally figured out the politics of this. Then a beautiful bajan sung by our friend Harini..with Zane and buddy Will as back up....stay tuned..LOVE LOVE TO EACH OF YOU!!

Oh yes this is true..even face painting with our friend  Karys from Greece.

Musical entertainment..these are the seats where we have our meals.

I quickly took this picture on the stage where AMMA sits for darshan. We are taking a Tabla class..what an amazing instrument.

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