Thursday, February 28, 2013

Life outside the Ashram..gaining strength

On a ride at the Zoo in Travindrum

So it is sad but true we have headed away from the is a bitter sweet, but we must make our way back to he California some time! Zane's papa is missing him and of course Zane is missing him right back...
A favorite Ghee Roast!!!

We decided to make it back to Varkala as the beaches are safe and beautiful along the Arabian Sea. We have truly felt blessed as we have been enjoying the cleansing and calming elements of the water. Zane is actually running on the beach. This is VERY new as he has usually not had enough "umph" to want to do this. Now he is doing it so much he comes back with sweat dripping from his forehead..ahhh..those very simple accomplishments. I am so proud of him and so very grateful for the movement in his continuation of gaining strength on all levels..

Around Varkala we went to a Druga festival and then were able to catch a local community events where traditional dance and songs were preformed for the public..We were in the right place at the right time to see such lovely performing arts. 

We decided to go further down south to Trivindrum..this is almost to the tip of Southern India.Here we have spent just a few days..seeing the zoo, visiting some local sights. Now we are off to Puducherry and then Chennai, where we will fly back to the Western World.

As we transition towards home, I am caught in this place of limbo. Like an incredible 5 course meal, I await the dessert. With anticipation and appreciation for how my senses have been/will be stimulated and challenged, I sit waiting. India outside of the Ashram is more of the "India" that you read and hear about. Yes it is true there are lots of people, and the difference between those that have and those that don't is obvious.
Spending some time on his school work.

Zane and I both are being pushed outside of our comfort zone...  it is now a necessity to navigate through this world of much more harshness than we have ever known. I am not sure what this new set of challenges will offer, but I know that it is part of this journey..a complete experience. 

I find it interesting that now that  we are deeper into the "essence" of India, Zane has a stronger sense of himself. I am reminded of the words..".You are exactly where you are suppose to be in this moment"...

I believe this has never been more true..

More to come my beautiful friends and loved ones..

A warm embrace from our hearts to yours...may these words reach you with moments of joy in your hearts and peace in your minds..Heather and Zane..

Krishna circling these women during a traditional dance

Traditional signer during Durga festival
Sucking on a stalk of sugar Durga Festival
This very large Durga Pillar..the men circle the temple 3x while carrying this on their shoulders..WOW!

Elephant dressed up for Festival

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